Stories of the Quran

Qisas Al-Quran

By understanding the stories contained within the holy book, you can see that many of the morals and ethics are extensions of the lessons the stories teach. For example, a well known story is that of King Solomon. King Solomon’s test to find the mother of a lost baby is indicative of his wisdom and intelligence, and the moral of the story is based around the love a mother feels for her child. Through this story, I learned about the importance of selflessness and compassion. The Quran served an important purpose in my life, as it taught me the truths that I believe in. Lessons taught by stories in the Quran are valuable so this book, which is associated with religion and God, serves as my moral compass and helps me stay in touch with my culture.

Here are 28 Videos of the most prominent stories of the Quran:

Some Archaeological sites mentioned in the Qur’an:

This is a cartoon Series of animals mentioned in the Quran for your little ones to enjoy: